A Detailed Guide on Tractor Modification in India

India’s GDP is roughly 18% accounted for by agriculture, which is vital to the Indian economy. Given the lack of skilled labour, innovative technologies that boost productivity are crucial. India’s tractor sector is leading the way in providing farmers with accessible revolutionary technologies.

However, the youth of India are losing interest in field jobs like farming. Therefore, modifications like AC cabins, lightweight, and music system installation may encourage more people to join.

With the use of unique shift controls, they can ease the operator’s excessive exhaustion. With tractors, modern agriculture is possible. They undoubtedly significantly impact agricultural, social, and economic societies.

In India, there are various tractor-modified shops where you can modify your tractor for your good. Hence, this article will help you learn about the multiple modifications made for your convenience.

Why Do Tractors Need Modifications?

>Modified tractors, especially high-horsepower tractors, offer exceptional performance and fuel savings. It requires minimal maintenance, ensuring higher productivity in less time.

>These modified tractors are safer as traction, hydraulic connection operation, PTO shaft operation, and specific attachments for specific models have been tried and tested.

>Modified agricultural machinery can help achieve more significant savings, higher productivity and, of course, higher yields.

>The advantages of the new modified tractors are improved usability and significantly enhanced performance with substantially lower fuel consumption.

>One of the significant advantages of modified tractors is that they are highly complex machines thanks to information technology and sensors. It allows the engine to work more efficiently.

Types of Tractor Modification in India, Punjab
You can choose the machine according to your desired specifications. Here is a little glimpse of the different modifications of a tractor.

1. Two-wheel tractor

Two-wheel tractors are lightweight and suitable for ploughing small implements and towing. They are known as work trolleys or single-axle walking tractors.

It is helpful for small farms and gardens. When using these tractors, the operator usually walks behind. It allows the operator to reach the desired work site easily.

2. Autonomous tractor

Autonomous tractors are advanced uncrewed electric tractors operated and controlled by artificial intelligence. You can perform an autonomous tractor using a combination of GPS, drones and satellites.

One operator can control and operate many such autonomous tractors. It will help to reduce labour costs.

3. Compact tractor

You can use it n orchards, nut orchards and vineyards. These allow the driver to pick fruit or trim trees while sitting comfortably on the tractor.

Compact tractors are cost-effective due to their small size and low fuel usage. It is easy to install in any area of ​​the garden.

4. AC cabin tractors

AC tractors are widely used for non-agricultural purposes. In addition to agriculture, AC tractors are used in sand mines, as well as loaders and brick factories, bulldozers, and the construction industry. It keeps the tractor running all year round. This eventually brings additional income to the owner during the non-agricultural season.

AC tractors with cabins increase productivity, increase mileage and enhance operator comfort.

With all this, the modified tractor is undoubtedly the best choice. A slight improvement in the tractor makes the machine technically more advanced. It offers the most advantages in achieving your goals for a particular farm. There are various tractor-modified shops near you where you can compare the modified and non-modified tractors and choose wisely.

But choosing or opting for a modified tractor depends mainly on the current state of the tractor and the financial capacity of the farmer. The modified tractor price in India is relatively low.MSGC electricals are a reputed industry in tractor modification. You can visit their sites to learn more about tractors with various changes. Farmers can easily afford these modified tractors to improve their agricultural yield.

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